Friday, 28 November 2014

Fun Times

               So Jess and Ashleigh surprised me with a visit last weekend. It was amazing J.  I showed them around Pompey, took them to see the Hovercraft and we played mini golf. There was a lot of innuendos in mini golf one of my favourites being “I never normally have this problem with balls”, Lunch was good to; I’ve found the spoons here does really nice food which is handy to know if I ever need a cheap dinner out.

                I also held a games night in the week, something which I’m hoping to do again. We played a game called Risk which was a bit complicated and to say I wasn’t very good at it was probably an understatement haha; needless to say Alex one. We then played cards against humanity which was also another game I’ve have never played but will one day purchase because it is absolutely BRILLANT.           

                Uni work is going okay, I’ve finally started writing the assignment but I defiantly need to get my head down and crack on; I’m hoping to have it finished by next Sunday so that I can go to the xmas do but we will see.

                Only a short one today, but I’m absolutely shattered

                Until Next Time;


“You’re completely free; you can do whatever you want. The world is your oyster, make lemonade”

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