Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The journey from BSc to MSc....

So I have decided to record my life in the form of a blog as I transition from my undergraduate degree to my masters to whatever life hold for me in the future. I am not going to promise that this blog will be entertaining or of any interest to anyone other than myself; but I think this will be a proactive way to record my transition through life through the good and not so good times. I hope that one day I will be able to show this to my children (or nieces and nephews) when they reach this stage in life so they know that it is okay to not have a clue about what you want in life. Though this won’t be a blog strictly about my life; it will also be about things I interested in, it will also probably include some random entries because let’s face it life is a bit random.

So let’s begin; I should probably start with an overview of the past few months. Since having completed my undergraduate degree from Chester a few months ago my life has been non-stop. I’ve moved a lot, home from Chester, to a new home in my hometown, and to Portsmouth where my journey in this life continues. I have a lot of fond memories of Chester and still to this day would consider it home. When I returned a few weeks ago for graduation it really did feel like I was going home. Chester will always be a special place for me, one full of lots of memories and great friends who I all miss dearly. When I transferred degree from Kent to Chester I honestly never expected to feel like this one I left. I had always assumed, like with Canterbury, I would go and spend a couple of years and return home, only revisiting the area on special occasions. I never expected it to become home, but somewhere over the rollercoaster three years it did; and it is something I will never forget.

I also moved from the house I grew up in and spent the last 17/18 years in to a new house. I’m not going to lie; the new house in amazing. If for no other reason than I finally have a double bed at home, and a room where I can move, having previously had the box room which really was a box. I spent the majority of my summer working as usual, and then left for the next chapter in my academic studies here in Portsmouth.

The Msc is great; really hard though, the days I am in university are very tiring and hard on the brain. I have met some great people here and they have become good friends. I still find it strange having lectures by different lecturers and not having all my Chester friends surrounding me in them; but I am slowly getting used to it. It has now however, come to the time when I need to start figuring out what I want in life, and my next step. To be completely honest; I have got a clue. I mean I know I want to work with natural hazards but I have no idea which one, they all fascinate me, and I would be truly happy and content working with any one of them. I love the idea of doing a PhD but I honestly don’t think I have another two years plus of education left in me. I will do it one day, I am determined to; but I think I need to wait, work out what I want in life, and take it from there.
     I do however have a pretty amazing idea for my thesis which I am hoping to get published; all I have left to do is work out how I will get the data I need, and how I am actually going to achieve what I want to do. But that is a problem for another day, like once I have finished in my assignment whose deadline is fast approaching (well in about three weeks; but still).
    Like I said, this may be of no interest to anyone, but it’s my life. I spend most my days working, either in university or where I work; and my down time is spent watching DVDs and Greys Anatomy. My life generally is not very interesting or exciting most of the time; although it does have its moments. 

    Until next time;

"No matter how much you grow taller, grow older, we are still forever stumbling, forever wondering, forever young" 

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